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          Does a Christian Gap Year Program Make Sense During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
          Act Five Director Jon Berends shares his thoughts on the future and mission of Christian gap year programs amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic.
          Rooted in Hope: Christians in Social Work
          Dr. Jim Vanderwoerd, professor of social work and chair of the department of applied social sciences, reflects on the tension that exists for Christians working in the field of social work and how Redeemer is preparing its students to deal with that tension.
          The Anointed Re-anointed
          Dr. Ken Herfst’s chapel message on John 12:1-11. 
          Reflections from the Class of 2019
          Graduate Johanna Wolfert shares what God has taught her over the past four years at Redeemer.
          The World According to Numbers
          Fourth-year student Esther Vander Meulen is pursuing greater knowledge of God and the world through her studies and summer research in mathematics.
          An Exciting Year Ahead
          An update from Redeemer's president.
          New and Notable
          A letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen.
          Making History for the Crown
          Meet Richard Van Holst.
          Program Preview: Education
          Students becoming teachers
          Artist Feature: Brookelyn Heintzman
          Getting to know senior art student, Brookelyn Heintzman
          Being and Knowing in the Digital Age
          A student's perspective of CTS-110.
          Going to the Glen
          Redeemer student Elise Arsenault '19 reflects on her time at Image Journal's artistic rally.
          Two Perspectives on Ottawa
          Senior students Daniel Zekveld '19 and Johanna Wolfert '19 share how their experiences in the Laurentian Leadership Centre program shaped them spiritually.
          A Historic Issue
          A letter from Resound's managing editor, Beth Van Lingen
          Seeking, Service and Salt
          A student interview with Redeemer’s new president Dr. Robert Graham
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