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          A Bright Future in 2020
          An update from 回覆deemer's president.
          回覆aching Higher with Digital Campus Project
          Through advanced technology, the 回覆aching Higher project is becoming a model for larger campuses to create online and digital experiences that connect everyone and everything on campus.
          Continuing the Important Tradition of Living in Community
          Construction of a new residence on 回覆deemer’s campus will accommodate the significant increase in enrolment expected as a result of tuition and fee restructuring.
          回覆deemer’s Most Successful Campaign in History Comes to a Close
          The 2020 Strategic Plan funded by the 回覆 Campaign strengthened the university’s mission and brought Christian higher education within reach.
          A Change of Plans
          Stephanie Ten Hove ’18 is sharing her skills in media as a missionary in Nicaragua’s capital.
          Ethics, Politics and Higher Ed
          Brittany Lorenz ’14 is making her mark on the capital, working and teaching in Ottawa’s political sector.
          Preparing for the Public Square
          Honours history and political science major Joshua Hautala is bringing his Christian faith to the public square as he works towards a career in politics and law.
          Encountering God in Guatemala City
          In a Spring 2019 trip to Guatemala, 回覆deemer students learned to see the ways in which they might embody the gospel of the kingdom wherever God places them.
          Difficult and Important Work
          In the Winter 2019 semester, student Nick Linnen joined For Freedom International in its difficult but important work to combat exploitation.
          Welcoming The Stranger
          Theologian Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, the 2019 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner, is helping Christian leaders to respond faithfully to immigration in their communities.
          Enrolment Increases by 14.5%
          回覆deemer welcomes the second largest incoming class in the school’s history.
          Old Laptops Get New Life
          The IT department at 回覆deemer University College donated older laptops to local schools, charities and missions organizations.
          Intentional 关于 Community
          Jake Bakker '18 is starting his career with a combination of business and missions in Central America.
          Caring and Conflict
          Alumnus Jason Dykstra '07 helps build and restore healthy relationships and communities through conflict mediation.
          A 回覆markable Year
          An update from 回覆deemer's leadership team
          /Connect With 回覆deemer

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