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          Lindsay Barden

          Lindsay Barden '14 serves as the digital communications coordinator at Redeemer University College.
          Advancing the Study of Hamilton’s Contaminated Waterways
          As part of a year-long water quality study in Hamilton’s Chedoke Creek, student Masozi Palata is using DNA analysis to identify the source of fecal contamination in the watershed.
          From Aslan to the Avengers
          Dr. Adam Barkman delivered a lecture series in Paris exploring unchangeable ideas in the changeable medium of motion pictures.
          Creation Care in the City
          Through her work with A Rocha, Amila Dreise ’13 is advancing care for creation in Hamilton and Ontario at large.
          Ethics, Politics and Higher Ed
          Brittany Lorenz ’14 is making her mark on the capital, working and teaching in Ottawa’s political sector.
          The World According to Numbers
          Fourth-year student Esther Vander Meulen is pursuing greater knowledge of God and the world through her studies and summer research in mathematics.
          Preparing for the Public Square
          Honours history and political science major Joshua Hautala is bringing his Christian faith to the public square as he works towards a career in politics and law.
          Welcoming The Stranger
          Theologian Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, the 2019 Emerging Public Intellectual Award winner, is helping Christian leaders to respond faithfully to immigration in their communities.
          Advancing Inclusive Classrooms
          Dr. Kimberly Maich ’93, Redeemer’s 2019 Distinguished 校友 Award recipient, is making an impact on special education and the experiences of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
          Old Laptops Get New Life
          The IT department at Redeemer University College donated older laptops to local schools, charities and missions organizations.
          The Re Campaign Tees Off
          The Re Golf Tournament raises over $65,000 to advance Christian Higher Education at Redeemer.
          A Core Milestone
          Redeemer's revamped Core program met a significant milestone with the pilot of the new Core Capstone Experience.
          Congratulations, Class of 2019!
          May 25 marked the 34th conferring of degrees at Redeemer University College.
          Finding the Sacred in the Secular
          Dr. Timothy Epp's research sheds light on the divide between sacred and secular music by exploring the spiritual content in mainstream music.
          Intentional 关于 Community
          Jake Bakker '18 is starting his career with a combination of business and missions in Central America.
          Caring and Conflict
          Alumnus Jason Dykstra '07 helps build and restore healthy relationships and communities through conflict mediation.
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