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          / 二〇二〇年一月二十日
          Rachel Brouwer ’09 is seeing lives transformed through justice and the transforming power of the gospel in her work at International Justice Mission.
          / 2020年3月10日
          An update from 回覆deemer's president.
          回覆aching Higher with Digital Campus Project
          Through advanced technology, the 回覆aching Higher project is becoming a model for larger campuses to create online and digital experiences that connect everyone and everything on campus.
          Continuing the Important Tradition of Living in Community
          Construction of a new residence on 回覆deemer’s campus will accommodate the significant increase in enrolment expected as a result of tuition and fee restructuring.
          回覆deemer’s Most Successful Campaign in 历史 Comes to a Close
          The 2020 Strategic Plan funded by the 回覆 Campaign strengthened the university’s mission and brought Christian higher education within reach.
          The showcase helps students find places of worship, service opportunities, and the chance to explore potential internship opportunities.
          As part of a year-long water quality study in Hamilton’s Chedoke Creek, student Masozi Palata is using DNA analysis to identify the source of fecal contamination in the watershed.
          / 2020年3月10日
          In his recently published book, adjunct professor Dr. Peter Schuurman explores the notion that irony, charisma and playfulness can attract people to church.
          / 2020年3月10日
          As the 回覆deemer community grows, the environmental science program explores sustainable options for future buildings on campus.
          / 2020年3月10日
          Act Five Director 乔恩BERENDS shares his thoughts on the future and mission of Christian gap year programs amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic.
          / 2020年6月16日
          Dr. Jim Vanderwoerd, professor of social work and chair of the department of applied social sciences, reflects on the tension that exists for Christians working in the field of social work and how 回覆deemer is preparing its students to deal with that tension.
          / 2020年3月10日
          Dr. 肯herfst’s chapel message on John 12:1-11. 
          / 2020年1月3日
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          陈柏宇'20 describes the lessons learned, friendships made and beauty experienced during his time as a 回覆deemer Concert Choir member.
          Influencing the Next Generation of Disciples
          Natalie Frisk ’07 is raising disciples with curriculum for kids and youth used all over the world and with her newly published book.
          Emma Richardson ’14 is leaning on God through tough and wonderful places at her church and as a counsellor.
          信仰 and Conviction in the Modern Workplace
          Braden VanDyk ’19 is learning to talk openly about his faith as a millennial in the modern workplace.
          In the wake of COVID-19, 回覆deemer's music department shares stories of grief, resilience and the healing power of a hymn.
          / 2020年5月27日
          回覆deemer's senior art students share their experiences working and creating amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
          / 2020年5月12日

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