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          Corporate Credit Cards

          Obtaining a Corporate Card
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          Use of Corporate Card
          The Corporate Card should be used for all travel expenditures transacted through CTP, whether on line or with an agent. The card should only be used consistent with the following requirements unless specifically approved by the Office of Treasury Operations or the Office of Procurement.

          • All payments must clearly describe the item(s) purchased. Payments through such payment systems as PayPal that do not provide such detail should be avoided. If such a payment is the only way available, alternative detail must be provided.
          • All deliveries must be to a valid Fordham address.
          • The business purpose of all travel expenses, including individual meals, must be clearly stated on the request for payment.
          • The name of attendees for all meals/entertainment must be clearly stated on the request for payment.
          • Electronic equipment should not be purchased with the card.
          • Furniture should not be purchased with the card.
          • Office supplies should be purchased through the University's program with Staples. If circumstances necessitate purchasing outside the program such as out of town presentation material, please so indicate.
          • Gift cards may not be purchased with the corporate card. The purchase of gift cards should be done through the Office of Procurement.
          • Fees for services should be paid through the standard procurement process.
          • In general, nothing should be purchased with the corporate card for which a purchase order is required by University Procurement Policy.

          If there are any questions about the appropriate use of the AMEX corporate card, please contact travel@fordham.edu.

          Payment of Corporate Card Statements
          All corporate cards will be linked to the Concur Expense system. Payment of the corporate card through Concur is required of all corporate card holders no matter the level of expenditure or the nature of the items or services purchased.

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