The mission of 学习服务 is to provide a variety of flexible and innovative services and programs that foster academic success and promote the development of independent and active learners.


The increased academic challenge of university requires that students upgrade their study skills and focus their efforts. To help in this process, 学习服务 offers students the following assistance:

  • Study Smart Seminars: This series of seminars, held each semester, is designed to help students upgrade their skills in areas such as time management, lecture note-taking, test and exam preparation, and academic writing. Current students can find out which seminars are being offered by visiting 学习服务 on 短跑.
  • 辅导: We offer three types of tutors: learning skills tutors, subject tutors, and writing tutors. For more information, see 家教.
  • Learning Skills Resources: Explore resources related to different learning skills needed for university study. Our learning skills resources are available to current students through 学习服务 on 短跑, in the 家教 Centre, and via 学习服务 staff.
  • 学习策略: Our learning strategist is available to provide academic coaching to any student. Coaching focuses on goal setting, upgrading learning skills, and choosing strategies that will help students meet their goals.


学习服务 supports students who have missed required term work because of incapacitating distress or illness during the academic year. This is done on a case by case basis.


学生们 with learning, physical, medical or emotional disabilities can take advantage of accommodations provided by 残疾人服务 to be successful in their studies. These can range from extra time to write tests, note-taking support or use of assistive technologies.

学习服务 Staff

学习服务 Director
南希hartholt, 905-648-2139 ext. 4220

Nancy ensures that services and programs are made available to all students that are geared to the stage of their academic career. In addition, Nancy works with students with disabilities to provide them with the accommodations and support they need.

科琳deklerk, 905-648-2139 ext. 4489

Colleen coordinates Redeemer’s tutoring program, facilitates Study Smart Seminars, works with students with disabilities and provides academic coaching to students.

学习服务 Coordinator
SELINA尼曼, 905-648-2139 ext. 4441

Selina manages the administrative tasks that are necessary to deliver and implement the services that we offer, such as arranging and supervising midterms, tests, and exams as well as organization of our note taking program, tutoring program, accommodation forms, and books in alternate formats.